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Yay or Nay Week 9

Yay or Nay Week 9:

Alright so last week wasn’t a good week for the most part. We don’t need to talk about it. Let’s get right into this week’s Yay or Nay: here’s to improving next week, Yay or Nay Week 9 use at your own discretion as this article is not reinforced by normal stats, mostly by the eye test and good/bad feelings.

QB’s I say Yay to Week 9:

Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints: He’s playing the 49ers. End of argument. Don’t tell me he’s away from home and that he’s a different quarterback away from home. It’s the Niners. They’re not stopping anybody this year. Start your Saints. I’m not kidding. Go to your sports game provider’s website. Hit edit lineup and if it says “New Orleans Saints” drag him into your starting lineup (unless he’s Mark Ingram).

Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys: So… I was wrong about this one last week. It’s okay, I’m a believer in Dak now. He’s going up against the Browns. The Browns and the Niners are basically in the same category now. Dak just got a shiny new weapon in Dez. I don’t think anybody on the Browns can stop anybody on the Cowboys. I think that Dez, Dak, and Zeke all have big games. I know I’m not discovering a new planet with this one but it’s worth mentioning when they all have potential to have monster games this week.

Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: I was looking at the Atlanta Falcons schedule when I saw that they have allowed at least 25 points in all but one of their games. The reason that the Falcons will not become Super Bowl champions is because defense wins championships, that’s something that the Falcons just don’t have. Desmond Trufant will most likely shadow Mike Evans in this game but I still expect Winston to have a nice game by spreading the ball around.

QB’s I say Nay to Week 9:

Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks: He’s just been bad. There’s no other way to put it. He is 29th in scoring for quarterbacks in it’s just ugly. He hasn’t thrown for a touchdown since week 3. The Bills defense hasn’t been terrible, ranked 8th against quarterbacks. Once Wilson is 100% healthy again and can scramble and extend plays like vintage Russell Wilson then he’ll be relevant but right now I say start a streamer quarterback until he proves he can be vintage again. I am so low on Wilson that I would rather start Kaepernick against the Saints over him.

Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions: Matt Stafford is going up against the Vikings. A Vikings defense that isn’t as scary as it was a couple of weeks ago but it is still scary. I’m expecting the Vikings to avenge their two losses and come ready to stop whatever Jim Bob Cooter and the Lions’ offense throws at them. Expect a heavy pass rush and probably one or two interceptions.

Derek Carr, Oakland Raiders: This one hurts me because I am a believe that Carr is a top five QB every week. But then again… It’s Denver. A Denver defense who has not allowed more than 15 points to opposing quarterbacks since week 1. A Denver defense that truly is scary. I think this will be a good football game, just not a good fantasy football game. I am avoiding Derek Carr and possibly even Crabtree and Cooper.

RB’s I say Yay to Week 9:

Ty Montgomery, Green Bay Packers: He started as a wide receiver, so what? He has the workload in a good offense going against a bad defense. Not only that, plays wide receiver too so he will have that going for him too. I think Ty Montgomery is the only guy in the Packers’ backfield that I am comfortable starting and I think he has a nice game against a weak Indianapolis defense.

Charcandrick West, Kansas City Chiefs: This backfield is as deep as it gets. Jamaal Charles, Spencer Ware, and now Charcandrick West. His success was mostly overshadowed by Spencer Ware’s but West did a great job for the first couple of games after Charles’ injury. Then West got injured and Ware took over but the point is West is a stud and he is worth a start against a mediocre Jacksonville team. Not just defense, team, but that’s another story.

Tim Hightower, New Orleans Saints: This is very hit or miss. I think that the Saints are done with Mark Ingram’s ball security issues. They gave Tim Hightower 27 touches last game. Five of those touches were in the red zone. Do you know how many touches Mark Ingram has in the end zone this WHOLE year? Three. Three touches for Mark Ingram in the red zone which means one of two things, they either trust Tim Hightower a lot more or there is still hope for Mark Ingram owners. I think that ultimately this is going to be a running back by committee but for this week I want Hightower over Ingram.

RB’s I say Nay to Week 9:

Jay Ajayi, Miami Dolphins: I don’t think he’ll rush for 200 yards again. Perhaps for 150 but not 200. I’m kidding I don’t think Ajayi gets much going this week because of the Jets tough front four. I am a believer that breaks aren’t favorable when you’re on a good streak and it has been evident this year with the Vikings who were 5-0 and are now 0-2 coming off the Bye. This case reminds me especially of last year’s Devonta Freeman. He had two unreal games that nobody will forget and I think that he’ll be average for the rest of the year. But nobody will remember that because they’ll only remember the two unreal games.

Frank Gore, Indianapolis Colts: He’s unreal how good he is. But he’s playing the best run defense in the league. I think that the Colts will struggle running the ball this game and will have to rely on the passing game. Maybe Frank Gore falls into the end zone but I don’t think it’ll happen because this season the Packers have only allowed one goal line rushing touchdown. He is still very serviceable this year but just not this week.

Todd Gurley, Los Angeles Rams: Arguably the biggest fantasy disappointment this year (I’m sure Hopkins and Robinson owners will have something to say about that) he’s playing the Carolina Panthers whose defense has been bad but their run defense has not been terrible. Gurley only has one game with a plus twenty touches game and teams have been stacking the box. Teams want Case Keenum to beat them not Todd Gurley, I believe that the Panthers do the same. (bold prediction is that the Rams win this game)

WR’s I say Yay to Week 9:

Dez Bryant, Dallas Cowboys: See Prescott, Dak. Even if Joe Haden is shadowing Dez this whole game, I think Dez is fully healthy and he is unreal when he is fully healthy.

Davante Adams, Green Bay Packers: He is playing the Indianapolis Colts. The defense is bad, not only that I believe that Adams has earned Aaron Rodgers’ trust. Rodgers gets red zone looks and he is always a threat for the deep ball. The only danger is the fact that he drops passes regularly. I think this game will be a blowout.

All Saints Wide Receivers: See Brees, Drew.

WR’s I say Nay to Week 9:

Amari Cooper, Oakland Raiders: Cooper is a stud but Aqib Talib is more a stud.

Allen Robinson, Jacksonville Jaguars: He’s another candidate for disappointment of the year. I would know, I own him in a league. The Chiefs have turned it on as they know how to do. They start slow and then just start bulldozing teams. They hustle you, they make you think they’re trash and then boom! They go on a 10 game win streak. That comes from good defense which will force Blake Bortles to have another bad game. This Nay isn’t Allen Robinson’s fault, it’s Blake Bortles’s fault.

Emmanuel Sanders, Denver Broncos: His yardage has been good if it is coupled with a touchdown. He just hasn’t gotten that since week 4. I think that until he proves to his owners that he can get into the end zone consistently you sit him. The Raiders’ defense is bad but it’s not super terrible so I think that they will be able to keep Sanders (and Thomas) out of the end zone.

TE I say Yay to Week 9:

Antonio Gates, San Diego Chargers

Kyle Rudolph, Minnesota Vikings

TE I say Nay to Week 9:

Jesse James, Pittsburg Steelers

Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs