Win the World Series, Win the White House!

Just to offer a different and lighter perspective on the upcoming POTUS election three days from now, I couldn't help but notice a rather strong correlation between which league wins the World Series and which party wins the White House.

Since 1908 when both the World Series and POTUS elections first occurred in the same year, apparently when a team from the National League (NL) wins the World Series, the Democratic Party usually wins the White House. Likewise when an American League (AL) team is the World Series champion, expect a Republican to be elected or re-elected POTUS.

In fact, this correlation has been spot on since 2000 and was nearly spot on from 1940 to 1976 except for 1948 when Harry Truman barely defeated Thomas Dewey in arguably one of the greatest upsets in presidential election history (even the Chicago Daily Tribune infamously declared Dewey the winner!). For the last 27 presidential elections, this correlation has worked 17 times and has worked 14 of the last 19 presidential elections.

Click here for a spreadsheet I put together.

It's color coded to help you easily see the correlation. Of course blue is the color for Democrats and red is the color for Republicans (just view any electoral map). Coincidentally, blue happens to be the color associated with the NL and red with the AL. What's even crazier is that the NL is the older league having been established in 1876 and is appropriately called the Senior Circuit. 25 years later the AL was created and is fittingly known as the Junior Circuit. If you dust off your US History books or simply go to Wikipedia as most of us do these days, one will find the modern day Democratic Party was established in 1828 and just a tad over 25 years later (26 years to be exact), the Republican Party was established. Ironically, the Republican Party is nicknamed the Grand Old Party (GOP) when in reality the Democratic Party is older, just how the NL is older than the AL.

The connection gets even crazier. The Democratic Party is about big government and tends to be in favor of NATIONALizing everything like Heath Care while the Republican Party is more about less government by letting the AMERICAN people govern themselves. LOL!

Just a three days ago, the Chicago Cubs (from the NL) won the World Series over the Cleveland Indians (from the AL) in 7 games. Don't the Cubs wear more blue and the Indians wear more red? Isn't our current President from Illinois or at least that was his last place of residence before 2008? Didn't the Republican National Convention this year take place in Cleveland?! Oh, this correlation started in 1908, the last time the Chicago Cubs won the World Series before Wednesday's amazing game! My mind is blown!

For the first time in our lives, we got to see the Cubs win a World Series title. Also for the first time it looks like we will probably see a woman become President of the United States of America should this correlation hold true!