Yay or Nay Week 10

Yay or Nay Week 10:

Are we at week 10 already? It seems like it takes forever for football season to get started and then when it does, boom it’s week 10 and playoffs are starting to shape up. Last week was an average week for my picks. My team won thanks to some big performances by Dak, Arob, and Antonio Gates but for the most part I lucked out. That stinks for my opponent but that’s how fantasy goes sometimes. Heck, that’s how sports go, sometimes a guy is supposed to go off because the matchup calls for it and they just don’t. Anyways let’s get right into Yay or Nay Week 10 as always use at your own discretion as this article is not reinforced by normal stats, mostly by the eye test and good/bad feelings.

QB’s I say Yay to Week 10:

Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens: I like him as a nice streamer option this week. Or if your quarterback is Russell Wilson who did great last week and you’re tempted to start him this week but you know he’ll just let you down again! Ahem. Sorry, got a little off topic. Anyways Joe Flacco! He has two games where he threw for 300 yards this season. Guess who one of those was against. The Browns. He has one game where he has thrown for two or more touchdowns. Guess who that was against. The Browns. Guess who he is playing this week. The Browns. Here is my advice, if it’s a close matchup and you need somebody with a high floor but maybe not the highest ceiling, this is your guy. He won’t lose you your week. If you need somebody who has the chance to have a 23+ point game then I think you should shop somewhere else, I think that Flacco will be good, but not spectacular. Something you’re looking for from a streamer.

Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints: One of the best offenses in football against one of the best defenses in football. Something has to give. Considering the fact that the Raiders just put up thirty on the Broncos I think that Drew Brees can have success. The Broncos have had trouble stopping the running game all year and after letting Latavius Murray run all over them I think they’ll focus a little more on stopping Mark Ingram and Tim Hightower than stopping Drew Brees. Brees has lots of versatile weapons so I think he will spread the ball around and have himself a nice game.

Kirk Cousins, Washington Redskins: I know I usually write about matchups and how matchups are what deciding factors but if fantasy football were just about matchups then anybody could be really good at it. I have a gut feeling that Cousins will continue rolling. He has back to back 300+ performances (one of those was 400+) and four 300+ games on the year. The offense has been clicking lately and I just think it keeps on happening. The Minnesota defense has started to falter a little bit I think that Cousins is the play if you need something special. He’s the play if you are fighting to make the playoffs and are projected to lose this week.

QB’s I say Nay to Week 10:
I hate you Russell Wilson. Just saying.

Carson Palmer, Arizona Cardinals: Speaking of Russell Wilson I think Carson Palmer can relate to how Wilson owners feel. A guy everybody expected to be a top 10 quarterback ranks 19th amongst quarterbacks in terms of fantasy points. The reason I’m not a fan of Palmer this week is because his expectations are so high this week. He’s playing the Niners so everybody is going to expect him to have a monster game but this one seems just too good to be true. I think that they Cardinals will win, and yeah Palmer will through a couple of touchdowns but I think this is more of a David Johnson game. You’re obviously starting him but I am avoiding him in DFS play.

Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks: Besides the fact that I benched him this week and he had a good game I’m just not buying it yet. I want to get burnt one more time before I feel comfortable starting him. I think that if you picked up a guy like Dak or a quarterback with a nice matchup you are better off with that guy. If I have learned anything it’s that it takes two games (sometimes more) to convince me to start a guy. I am treating Russell Wilson as if his name wasn’t Russell Wilson. If you looked at this guy’s stats, then looked at his matchup there is no way you would start him. There is no way I am starting Wilson against a good Patriots defense.

Blake Bortles, Jacksonville Jaguars: He. Is. Not. A. Good. Quarterback. I have seen almost every single one of his games (because I have Allen Robinson on a team) and I cannot tell you how many times I have seen him miss a wide-open receiver. The reason that he has stayed relevant is because of the garbage time points that he has gotten, and if you won because of them I congrats they all count the same. The only problem is that Houston’s offense is just as bad. I don’t think that there is “garbage time” in this game. I want to avoid this game in general, even though you’ll probably have to roll out Miller and Robinson, (notice how I left out Hopkins).

RB’s I say Yay to Week 10:

Terrance West, Baltimore Ravens: He’s playing the Browns. Can we move on? Terrance West has not looked like himself his last two starts but he still is the workhorse back on that team. Kenneth Dixon, West’s only competition, got nine touches and did absolutely nothing with them. This is West’s backfield and against a bad Browns team he’ll benefit big time. If he doesn’t show up in this game, then I think it’s time for a little panic in Terrance West owners.

Mark Ingram, New Orleans Saints: I was wrong about him last week. But I wasn’t totally wrong he got out touched by Tim Hightower. Anyways I just have him here so that he doesn’t get benched. I do think that he did enough to take this backfield back from Tim Hightower. You can run on the Broncos and Mark Ingram wants to prove to the coaches that he is “the guy” in New Orleans.

Peyton Barber, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: I love myself the backup running backs. Tampa Bay is so thin at that position that I could go to their front office and say that I’d suit up and stand on the sidelines for a couple thousand bucks and they would sign me. Barber has no competition and he wants to prove himself right now while he has absolutely zero competition. Once people start coming back his value will drop but right now Peyton Barber is the only guy which means goal line carries and 15+ touches per game. Give me the backup!

RB’s I say Nay to Week 10:

Ryan Matthews, Philadelphia Eagles: His touches are way down. I don’t think they like him in Philly, he has five touches or less in his last two games and I think that continues against a pretty good Atlanta Falcons run defense. I have thought about this one for a few weeks but he has fallen into the end zone. I don’t think he falls into the end zone this week. I think this is Darren Sproles’ backfield.

Le’Veon Bell, Pittsburg Steelers: I’m worried about Bell for this reason: the Cowboys hold on to the ball for so long that the Steelers just won’t have as many possessions as they normally do. The Cowboys are very good at controlling gameflow and that is exactly what they will continue to do this Sunday. I am not worried about the matchup or the fact that Bell has been a little shaky lately that will all blow over soon.

Todd Gurley, Los Angeles Rams: Teams do not want to get beat by Todd Gurley. If they’re going to get beat, they are going to make Case Keenum beat them. Gurley has been averaging only 3.1 yards per carry, that is a whole yard less than during his rookie season. He only has three touchdowns on the year, last season while playing four games less than this season he already had four by this time. The Jets have a strong run defense that isn’t going to let the Gurley beat them.

WR’s I say Yay to Week 10:

Mike Evans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The guy is a target monster and it seems like he’s fixed his drop problems. Or at least the crucial ones. There is nobody on that Chicago secondary who can remotely stop Evans expect him to have a huge game.

Terrelle Pryor, Cleveland Browns: He has proven himself to be the number one guy in Cleveland and it isn’t even close. Terrelle Pryor the 9th highest receiver point scorer and is going up against a Ravens defense who has not been able to stop the pass effectively. I expect Terrelle Pryor to have the majority of the looks there in Cleveland against the Ravens.

Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals: This one just seems like it’s too good to be true. I don’t think they have anybody on the 49ers who can stop Fitzgerald. This might be a long one Niners fans.

WR’s I say Nay to Week 10:

Travis Benjamin, San Diego Chargers: He has been dealing with some knee issues which have really limited him. He was destined to be the number one guy after Keenan Allen went down and that just has not happened. Benjamin just has one touchdown since week three so I’m not too optimistic he’ll reach pay dirt against Miami.

Emmanuel Sanders, Denver Broncos: Right now, the only thing keeping him from being dropped from most rosters is his name. He hasn’t been good this season. He hasn’t caught a touchdown in ages and I just don’t think that happens against the Saints. I know the matchup is favorable but he is only catching 44 percent of his targets. Part of that might be the shaky quarterback play but that is still not good at all.

Kenny Britt, Los Angeles Rams: Do you really trust Case Keenum to get this guy the ball? Exactly.

TE’s I say Yay to Week 10:

Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs

Zach Ertz, Philadelphia Eagles

TE’s I say Nay to Week 10:

Jimmy Graham, Seattle Seahawks

Greg Olsen, Carolina Panthers