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Super Five Picks - Week 14

We are sticking with the Borat photos given that we finally had our first perfect week and Borat was the featured image last week! 5-0! Great success! It is nice and we like!

So hopefully you listened to us as all five of our picks covered the spread convincingly. If you put $100 on a five team parlay with our picks, you wold have made 24 - 25 times your money or $2,500. That definitely would pay for some really nice Xmas presents for your entire family!

OK, still about 14 - 15 days until Xmas so how do we make more money? Well, here are our picks.

New Orleans pick 'em
Cleveland +3
Minnesota -2.5
Tennessee -3
LA Chargers -6

By the way, we are 30-32-3 for the season so we are close to 50% and we hope to finish profitable for the season (52.4% is considered profitable).

We lost with New Orleans even though we felt we were awfully close to covering. We will spare you the analysis so we are going to focus on our reason for the other four teams.

  • Cleveland has to win a game ... don't they?! I mean, 0-16 is impossible but I guess the Detroit Lions accomplished that dubious distinction nine years ago. This Browns team is awful but so have been most of the other ones since the Browns were re-established in Cleveland in 1999. Looking at the remaining schedule, the Browns host the Ravens after this week and then finish off the season on the road at Chicago and at Pittsburgh. We can pretty much guarantee that the Browns will lose to the Ravens and Steelers so maybe Cleveland beats Chicago but given that the Packers have struggled without Aaron Rodgers, this might be the week the Browns finally earn a victory. The Browns have lost 4 games this season by 3 points so they could reasonably be 4-8 instead of 0-12. Now with Josh Gordon back and playing in front of the Cleveland crowd, he could go off. Cleveland is a 3 point dog at home so we like the Dawg Pound not just to cover but to win! Prediction: Cleveland 20 - Green Bay 17.

  • Minnesota has really flown underneath the radar. They are 10-2 and are tied for the best record in the NFL but I bet you the casual sports fan does not know that. They are not a sexy team like the Patriots, Steelers, or Eagles so it's understandable that they are not getting much attention. They win games with defense and play smart on offense. The Super Bowl this season will take place in Minnesota so maybe that is extra motivation for the Vikings to keep up their winning ways. They have a tough matchup in Carolina, though. The NFC is definitely stacked with talented teams but that hasn't bothered the Vikings one bit. They have beaten two of the other NFC powerhouses (Saints and Rams) each by double digits. The Panthers have had trouble against good teams with three of their four losses against teams with winning records. We only have to give up 2.5 points for the Vikings and this is a healthy defense going against an offense that lacks some punch. Prediction: Minnesota 23 - Carolina 20.

  • Like Minnesota, Tennessee has also gone unnoticed. The Jaguars are getting most of the attention in the AFC South by playing great defense and of course the Patriots and Steelers are the usual suspects when it comes to contending for the AFC title. The Titans, however, sit at 8-4 which ranks them in the top 4 of the AFC given that the AFC West has struggled this year with three teams tied for first at 6-6 each. Strange how the Titans are not getting any respect since they beat the Jaguars earlier this season by 21 points and that game was in Jacksonville! The Titans travel to the southwest to take on a decimated Arizona team. We only have to give up 3 points. This one is easy. Prediction: Tennessee 24 - Arizona 16.

  • We end with the red hot LA Chargers. OK, poor choice of words given the fires in southern California and our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims. Yes, they are 6-6 but after a slow start (0-4), the Chargers have pretty much dominated the competition by winning 6 of their last 8 games. They have a very talented team and now they get to host an east coast team that has a depleted roster. The Chargers defense, especially the pass defense, is no joke. The Redskins MO is passing so they are in trouble here. The Redskins defense is mediocre at best so expect Pro Bowl type offensive players like Melvin Gordon and Keenan Allen do what they do best: chew up yards and score touchdowns. Prediction: LA Chargers 27 - Washington 17.

There you have it! Two morning games and two afternoon games. Do a $200 two team parlay on the morning games and then press your winnings on a two team parlay with the afternoon games. If all goes well, you will make $2,000! More presents for your family or perhaps a trip to Hawaii to escape the cold!

Good luck and HIGH FIVE!