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Yay or Nay Week 4

Yay or Nay Week 4:
8 wrong out of 22 picks again. Consistency is good right? I mean if you started Carson Palmer I feel your pain too. That’s honestly karma right there, I patted myself on the back for predicting the Jameis Winston bad game, then the quarterback I talked up so much throws four picks of his own. If you started Gronk, I kind of think we should have seen this one coming. For some reason this one hurts a lot more than the last 14 for 22. BYE weeks are upon us so we’ve got to step up our game. So, here’s to improving next week, Yay or Nay Week 4 use at your own discretion as this article is not reinforced by normal stats, mostly by the eye test and good/bad feelings.

QB’s I say Yay to Week 4:

Blake Bortles, Jacksonville Jaguars: I like this matchup for both the Jacksonville Jaguars passing game and the Indianapolis Colts passing game. The reason I like this game specifically for Bortles is because guess how many quarterbacks have more pass attempts than Blake Bortles? Two, Jameis Winston and Drew Brees. I don’t like Winston this week because, well he’s playing the Broncos, but we’ll talk to about Brees in a bit. Bortles has more interceptions than he does touchdowns this year but realistically, who is going to catch the ball for the Colts on defense? They’ve literally got one interception all year and I don’t think they get another this week. Both team’s running games have been a hot mess so I believe that this turns into a shootout, big plays everywhere! Start your receivers in this game!

Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions: He’s been a stud of a quarterback even in weeks where he wasn’t supposed to be. There’s something special that Offensive Coordinator Jim Bob Cooter is doing to Matt Stafford, I don’t know what it is but I wish I had the guts to draft Stafford as a late round flyer. Going against a Chicago defense who has allowed at least 23 points in every game this season. I believe that Matt Stafford has a big game, along with teammate Marvin Jones.

Kirk Cousins, Washington Redskins: You like that!? You like that! Yes Mr. Cousins I do like that. I like that matchup at least. Going up against a Browns defense that this season has allowed more than 250 passing yards to two of the three teams they have faced. I don’t think Matt Jones will be too successful running the ball early so I think they’ll abandon the run game and stick to Kirk Cousins spreading the ball around. The Redskins are one of the top 5 passing teams in the league, the browns have only forced a turnover three times this season (all last game) I think Cousins will start to heat up and be the “You like that!” quarterback he was last season. I really hope I’m right on this one because I’m starting him. So pray for me, pray for the Redskins.

Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints: Same old story with this guy, his team has a terrible defense. He has to throw the ball a ton. Before last Monday’s interception, Drew Brees had thrown 204 straight passes without being intercepted. The only reason I know that stat is because the commentator said it, then two passes later he threw an interception, call it announcer’s jinx. Oh well, I think that he can go another 205 pass attempts without being intercepted. Heck he might even throw 205 passes the next game against San Diego. It seems that every time the Saints play a team it’s destined to be a shootout because of how bad the Saints defense is and how good Drew Brees is. If Drew Brees had a defense he would have won more Super Bowls. I’m officially never putting him as a Yay because I think unless he’s on the Nay assume he’s matchup proof. Every game Drew Brees is a part of is going to be a shootout.

QB’s I say Nay to Week 4:

Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: You know, Denver. I think the Denver defense is matchup proof.

Derek Carr, Oakland Raiders: The Baltimore Ravens are very quietly 3-0 this year, and let me tell you it’s definitely not because of their offense. The run game is terrible; the passing game is mediocre. This is all defense. I don’t think Carr will be able to carry the offense in this tough week 4 matchup.

Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburg Steelers: I’m not sure if I’m buying the Eagles yet this year, but I do have to admit that it was impressive how they basically shut down Big Ben. I think that the Chiefs will have a tough time replicating that but I do think they will shut him down to an extent. Another big factor in me not like Big Ben this week is that they get Le’Veon Bell back this week. You know when you’re a kid and you get a new toy, you always play with that toy and overuse it way too much until it either breaks or you learn how to play with all your toys evenly? I believe that’s what is going to happen with Bell. I think that they’re going to run it with him a lot because he is the new toy this season. He is the guy who will get the ball the majority of the time. Whether he is spectacular or not he will get the touches until the Steelers get used to having him back and have the dangerous offense that they normally have. Either way, I think it’s a tough offensive day for the Pittsburg Steelers this week.

RB’s I say Yay to Week 4:

Le’Veon Bell, Pittsburg Steelers: You drafted him, you waited for him. You can’t wait to use him. Ladies and gentlemen, Le’Veon Bell has arrived and the Pittsburg Steelers are just like you, can’t wait to give him the ball and let the man do his work! Of course you’re starting him, no there is no worry about his injury. He is the guy, DeAngelo Williams might get some work but this is one hundred and fifty percent the Le’Veon Bell Show. Now put him in your lineup, grab some popcorn, and enjoy.

LeGarrette Blount, New England Patriots: It’s the same argument as last week, but even better, the third string rookie Jacoby Brissett is battling a thumb injury. I think that this is as high as LeGarrette Blount’s value will go. With Tom Brady back he might be a lot more limited in his touches but I truly believe that he has proven that he can carry this team on his back when they need him to. Also let’s remember that he is going against a weak Buffalo Bills defense (yes, I’m still not convinced by last week’s dominant performance).

Jordan Howard, Chicago Bears: I am believer that Jeremy Langford is not a very good football player. I am also a believer that Jordan Howard can keep this job for the rest of the season. Jordan Howard has been extremely effective to begin the year and has also been really good catching out of the backfield. On a team that even though will most likely be down early all year, they’re still not very good at throwing the ball so I think that they’ll try to percolate the running game. If he turns out to be this year’s Tim Hightower, I am going to be very proud of myself.

RB’s I say Nay to Week 4:

Matt Forte, New York Jets: He is a great football player, even though he is on the wrong side of thirty. He just won’t be great against the Seahawks. He has been listed as questionable all week so even if he is active there is no guarantee that he will be 100% to go for Sunday’s game. Even though the Seahawks offense has been a mess, they’re defense has been as solid as expected. I don’t think that Forte will have much room to run and I think this will be a low scoring game.

Any Miami Dolphins Running Backs: With Arian Foster out of the picture Thursday night it will be a running back by committee. You can choose to play the lottery with one of them but this is a backfield I am avoiding at all costs this week.

Latavius Murray, Oakland Raiders: The Ravens have a good defense, I think that the offense will struggle to produce, especially in the running game, they might manage a little through the air.

WR I say Yay to Week 4:

Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals: The way I see it, I don’t remember the last time Carson Palmer had back to back bad games. Going against the LA Rams I truly believe that Carson Palmer will look for Fitz any chance he gets. Fitzgerald is a target monster on that team and without a doubt will continue to get those targets. I think he’s matchup proof, especially today against a bad Rams defense.

Kelvin Benjamin, Carolina Panthers: 0,0,0,1. That was Benjamin’s stat line last Sunday, 0 touchdowns, 0 yards, 0 receptions, 1 target. I doubt that will ever happen against in his life unless he is injured and they are using him a decoy. I’m sure that the Panthers know that they misused him against the Vikings. Expect him to get targeted a lot more against the Falcons. Desmond Trufant is a great corner back but there aren’t many freak receivers like Benjamin, I believe that he will be targeted a lot this Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons.

Travis Benjamin, San Diego Chargers: He’s the primary receiver in a pass first offense, playing against the New Orleans Saints. I didn’t write him as a Yay but also start Philip Rivers. Bang Bang shootout alert! That definitely won’t become a thing. Start Travis Benjamin against the New Orleans Saints that’s all I’m going to say.

WR I say Nay to Week 4

Mike Evans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Maybe I’m hyping up the Denver defense a little too much but I also have never really liked Mike Evans so it was just a chance to put him on this list. I’m expecting a subpar game for him because of both matchup and I think he’s just due for a bad game, everyone is due for one sometime right?

Brandon Marshall, New York Jets: I think it’s the same Brandon Marshall from last year, I just don’t think it’s the same Ryan Fitzpatrick from last year. We saw spurts of it against the Bills but I think Fitzpatrick will struggle against the Seahawks pass rush and will make some poor decisions. I don’t think Marshall or Decker will have a good game this week. Then again, Eric Decker somehow always finds his way into the end zone.

Julio Jones, Atlanta Falcons: Julio Jones only has 20 targets this year. For a superstar like he is that is bad. Only problem? His team is winning, so it’s not like they’re going to change their game plan just so that it revolves around him. Don’t get me wrong, their offense does revolve around him, but it’s not ONLY him anymore. Mohammed Sanu has turned out to be a valuable weapon and so has Justin Hardy. I think that Carolina will make the same mistake that most teams have done this year and focus only on Julio Jones. I’m pretty sure Julio Jones is fine not getting targeted if he’s got two or more guys covering him, that just means he’s doing his job.

TE I say Yay to Week 4:

Kyle Rudolph, Minnesota Vikings: I think Sam Bradford like Kyle Rudolph. I think they go out to nice dinner dates, have a good time then sleep on each other’s couches. Well maybe not exactly like that. All I know is that these guys have a serious connection! Bradford looks for Rudolph in the end zone and he is tied for the most targeted tight end in the league.

Coby Fleener, New Orleans Saints: So I was a week late, I said last week that I thought he would get better this week. My thought process was, it’s the San Diego Chargers defense. A San Diego Chargers defense who just lost Manti Te’o for the year. A Chargers defense who could really give Fleener a confidence boost. Fleener got that confidence a week early, it’s okay I stand by my statement I think he’ll go big this week, I just hope he doesn’t let me down.

TE I say Nay to Week 4:

Jesse James, Pittsburg Steelers: The Kansas City Chiefs defend the Tight End position very well. Opposing tight ends have never gotten more than 2 points this season. I don’t think Jesse James has a very good game this week. Plus, you know, this guy name Le’Veon Bell is back.

Zach Miller, Chicago Bears: Well I mean, I just don’t think he goes off two weeks in a row. If he does though it would be interesting to see if it has something to do with his chemistry with Brian Hoyer.

That’s it for this week, as always you guys can do defenses yourselves, good luck this week and if you don’t win, hopefully your guys don’t get injured.