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Still a 49ers Faithful?

So the 49ers start off the season well by beating the LA Rams 28 - 0 on Monday Night Football only to get smoked on the road the last two weeks. Oddly, the Rams lead the NFC West but that could all change by tomorrow (and it will!). Seems very similar to last year's start when the 49ers dominated Minnesota at home on Monday Night Football to start the season and then lose by 25 to Pittsburgh and 40 to Arizona both on the road and both against Super Bowl contenders.

Keep in mind that the 49ers were keeping pace with the Panthers until things got out of hand during the 3rd quarter and then again near the end of the game. However, for most of that game the 49ers were within a score of tying it and even had the lead in the 2nd quarter. Of course the game against Seattle was over after the first possession. Seems to be the case often when the 49ers travel to Puget Sound and kind of has been that way since the Seahawks joined the NFC West in 2002. Another popular Bay Area football team also didn't fare too well in the Pacific Northwest last night (Sorry Stanford!).

So what does this all mean for tomorrow? Well you should have faith since the 49ers will be able to compete against America's Team. It may not end well for the 49ers since Dallas does have more talent on offense but the 49ers can hold its own at home. No Dez Bryant means that Prescott will be quite predictable with the passing game. Also, the 49ers defense would be smart to stack the box.

I think the game is close and comes down to a last second field goal. Could go either way but at least it will be more entertaining that the last two games. By the way, need to end this post with one of my favorite touchdowns against our NFC rivals (Terrell Owens in 2000 in Dallas). Click here and enjoy!