Who to Select for Daily Fantasy Football (DraftKings & FanDuel)

The GE Model and looking at the differentials between offenses and defenses proved to be a very fruitful endeavour last week as we identified two matchups that was ripe for scoring and huge fantasy production. Of course we are referring to the Detroit - Indy and Oakland - New Orleans barnstormers. Wow! What great games and if you had players on any of those 4 teams, you definitely had a strong fantasy day last week. Of course all four starting QBs from those teams shined.

This week, we have two more matchups to exploit but won't be as juicy as last week's. Those would be the Saints - Giants as well as the Jaguars - Chargers. I really like OBJ as well as Woodhead. Bortles and Manning should both do well.

On the defensive side, just take New England and thank me later. New England's offense is way superior compared to the Miami defense which will be road weary. Plus Miami doesn't have the offense to keep up with New England so expect Tannehill to press a bit much and make mistakes. In fact, Miami has been crushed in New England the last 4 years with multiple turnovers in each game and about 5 - 6 sacks allowed per game.

Here are some players worth considering.


Bortles is nice and consider pairing him up with Hurns or Robinson. If Alex Smith can throw for over 300 yards and multiple TDs, so can Bortles in sunny San Diego.

I also like Eli Manning and stacking him with OBJ could pay off nicely. Any QB who faces the Saints will have a big day, especially if he has a weapon like OBJ.

Cam Newton is another one to consider. He is a one man wrecking crew and he has had a week and a half to prepare for this game.


Go cheap with RBs this week. Here are the ones I like.

Danny Woodhead will be a key cog in the Chargers offense with Keenan Allen out for the year and he faces a weak Jags D that loses a full day of prep due to cross country travel. Rivers trusts Woodhead immensely in this offense so Woodhead will be very much like a Wes Welker type of player.

LeGarrette Blount had a nice game last week and if New England blows out Miami as anticipated, then Belichick is going to protect his QB and WRs by pounding the ball. That is the best way to win a game when you build up an early lead.

CJ Anderson is not as cheap as the other options but he is going to be a good one this year. He is well rested and is at home again against a porous defense. It's clear that Denver's identity on offense is going to be to pound the ball which complements its stifling defense quite well. Anderson could easily have 150+ yards and 2 TDs in this game.


Definitely spend money here.

Odell Beckham Jr (or OBJ) has perhaps the best matchup he will get all year. He's expensive but take him. If you don't and your opponents in your pool do, you will be left in the dust.

AJ Green has another great matchup. He has an awesome track record against Pittsburgh and the Steelers don't have answer for him. All Dalton really has is Green and he will throw in his direction many times.

Larry Fitzgerald will continue to find the fountain of youth. He is at home where he shines and is clicking with Palmer. I love relying on WRs who have a great rapport with their QBs. Tampa Bay is nothing special defensively and the value for Fitzgerald is solid.

Cole Beasley is a cheap option and is worthwhile. Jason Garrett is limiting the plays for Dak Prescott and Prescott loves the short passes (just view his preseason game film). Prescott is also highly accurate and he will need to go with the short passing game often to mitigate the stacked boxes he will see. Beasley stands to benefit the most from the short game given the kind of WR he is.


I like Delanie Walker. He is Mariota's best weapon and Detroit's D is nothing special. Tennessee can do fine in shootouts and Walker is a guy Mariota trusts a lot. Detroit also didn't do well against the tight end position last week. Good value for Mariota since you will need to spend money on a QB and WRs.


See my analysis above for New England. They have dominated Miami the last 4 years at home. Expect 2 - 3 turnovers and 5 -6 sacks. Hopefully we will see a TD from the DST and I am sure the score will be low for Miami.

Good luck you!