DFS Lineups for Week 8

Hopefully you heeded our advice last week by taking a Cowboys stack. Dak and Zeke were awesome and Dez did fine too. So who do we like for this week?

This time there are two stacks to consider: New England and Cincinnati. Click here to access the video for our analysis.

In summary, Brady and Gronk are great to pair up. They correlate well with each other and the Chargers - Patriots game should be a shootout. That means good things for Brady and Gronk, especially if they cover the spread which is at -7 right now. You could also throw in James White in the FLEX spot in DraftKings for a bigger stack.

AJ Green should go off against a horrible Colts defense. He is pretty much the Bengals offense. Joe Mixon correlates very, very well with Green even though the sample size is small and not as great as that between Brady and Gronk. Tyler Kroft also correlates well with Green and Mixon if you wish to have a bigger Bengals stack.

Blount is another good player to add. He is moderately priced and the Eagles should beat the 49ers by at least 2 TDs. When teams who have Blount on their roster win by double digits, Blount is usually the guy who benefits as he is a big, bruising back who can pound the rock. The 49ers struggle against good RBs as we have seen with Gurley's and Zeke's strong games against them.

Since we are paying for quality here, consider the top DST which would be the Eagles. Again, the 49ers are awful.

After that, we need to find value for the remaining positions. You have some good options with the Chargers assuming they are in a shootout with the Patriots (Pats D is not that great) or some of the Cowboys or Redskins players like Jason Witten, Josh Doctson, or Jamison Crowder. You could even throw all three of them in your lineup with the core we just discussed. The Cowboys - Redskins game has the highest point total in the main slate.

One more thing to take note: the core players in this stack are at home and tend to play well at home. Pay up for quality and you won't regret it.