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Survivor Football Pool Selection

Hopefully after 2 weeks of some crazy football, you are still able to pick a team this week. For Week 1, I chose Seattle and of course after a near heart attack following that game, I moved onto Week 2. I took Carolina with confidence and they came through.

For Week 3, here the teams worthwhile to select if you are selecting just one team to win.


Obviously one of the three teams above should be live for you since we are only in Week 3. Seattle owns the 49ers in CenturyLink field and the 49ers will probably be a bit fatigued after travelling cross country to Carolina and then cross country the other direction to Seattle. Even though Seattle's offense has been paltry at best, the defense is still there and the 49ers offense is nothing to write home about (even though it does look better than year but that is not saying much).

Dallas is the team I am rolling with. Of course I cannot take Seattle since I used them in Week 1. Chicago looked awful on Monday Night against Philadelphia and now they have to travel to Dallas and lose a day of rest. Dallas' passing game looks better so they should be able to spread the Chicago defense and then unleash Ezekiel Elliott.

Arizona right now looks like one of the best teams in the league and Buffalo looks lost. Kind of risky since Arizona is travelling far and Buffalo has an extra 3 days of rest.

You could also do with home teams like Green Bay and New Orleans but divisional matchups usually worry me (unless it's a matchup that one team has dominated like Seattle over SF).