MLB DFS Lineup (7/27/2020)

No time for a long write-up. Family and work take higher priority, as they should. Some mornings I am free to do long write-ups, other mornings, like today, my free time is limited.

I was up late last night doing my research and had settled on a Philly/Houston stack with Anibal Sanchez as my pitcher for FanDuel and Montgomery/Lopez as my pitchers for DraftKings. Well it didn't take long for COVID-19 to disrupt the opening of the MLB season. With two games canceled and perhaps another two due to inclement weather, we are seeing the DK and FD slates drop from 9 to 5 games and 10 to 6 games, respectively. In some ways, this is kind of a good thing since there is less variance to impact our lineups.

I am still sticking with Houston. They are too good to let a weak team like Seattle split a 4 game series against them. Plus Kendall Graveman is a great pitcher to attack. He loves to throw sinkers (nearly 70% of the time) and Altuve, Springer, Correa, and Bregman all crushed that type of pitch last year. Gurriel is another one to consider and perhaps Brantley.

Now that I cannot go with Philly, Boston seems viable. Go with the #1 - 3 hitters. Michael Wacha struggled against the top of the order last year. As a one-off, I love Christian Yellich. He is too good to stay on his current slump of 1-13 and his history against Stephen Brault is solid.

For pitchers, I love Mike Montgomery. The Tigers are a free swinging group who barely make contact. Look at what the Cincinnati starting pitchers did to them this weekend. Last Montgomery had 12 Ks against Detroit. Another person we can look to for Ks is Josh James of Houston. He is pricey on DK but the rest of the options today are lackluster. Plus many high-priced pitchers might be a on a strict pitch count. We shall see how Dusty Baker handles James but given Baker's history with flamethrowers, he might keep James out there for a while and Seattle can whiff a lot.

Here are images of my lineups. I wish I could give more details but what can you do when you have to re-do your analysis thanks to COVID-19. This virus has been disruptive in so many unimaginable ways. Be well everybody and good luck.