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Yay or Nay Week 6

Yay or Nay Week 6:

We’re back. Healthy, consistent, I was everything that the Raiders running backs haven’t been. Don’t really have much to say let’s get right into it, as always here’s to improving next week, Yay or Nay Week 6 use at your own discretion as this article is not reinforced by normal stats, mostly by the eye test and good/bad feelings.

QB’s I say Yay to Week 6:

Derek Carr, Oakland Raiders: The Raiders are 4-1. I kid you not, the Raiders are in first place in the division. How about that? Derek Carr has gotten at least twenty fantasy points in every game this season except for one (which frankly I don’t understand because the Tennessee defense isn’t that good). The Kansas City defense just came off a Bye but before the Bye week they gave Ben Roethlisberger 34 points. Derek Carr, Amari Cooper, and Michael Crabtree have all started clicking at the right time and I think all three of them will have a big game.

Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks: Wilson looked good his last start, like vintage Russell Wilson except without the mobility. Going against an Atlanta defense that has given up at least 24 fantasy points to all quarterbacks except for last week’s Paxton Lynch. Wilson had a week to recover from whatever injuries still lingered and I believe that this is the part of the season when he turns from a good quarterback to an elite quarterback (I know I said that once already but I think it can happen any week now). Also, the Seahawks seem to have established a running game last week which only adds another weapon to Wilson. My bold prediction of the week is that he has a 30+ game.

Brian Hoyer, Chicago Cubs: Is it bad that I’m betting on a Chicago Bears quarterback two weeks in a row? Well I’m going for it. Did you know in his last eleven starts he has thrown more yards, more touchdowns, less interceptions, and has had a higher pass completion percentage than Aaron Rodgers? I think that’s both a combination of Hoyer playing really great and Rodgers being very shorthanded last year. Nonetheless he is going against bad Jacksonville defense and even though he is pretty shorthanded when it comes to offensive weapons, last week’s performance really gives me some hope because of how good he looked with minimal weapons. I think he builds off last week’s performance and is a top ten QB this week.

QB’s I say Nay to Week 6:

Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons: Matt Ryan has proven to be a good NFL quarterback, one who can manage games and win them for his team. That’s what last week showed me. They won the game but he didn’t have a particularly relevant fantasy day. He won the game which in the end is his job I think that the same thing happens today. Except I’m not sure if they’ll win. I just think that the Seattle is going to get out to an early lead so they will force Atlanta to throw the ball which will lead to some interceptions. I just think game-flow will force him to throw the ball more than he has to and the Seahawks’ defense will be ready for the pass.

Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts: It’s a rivalry game on Sunday night I think that the Texans pass rush is still a very dangerous one even without J.J. Watt. A good pass rush and a bad offensive line always turns out to be an ugly day for Andrew Luck. I think that he’ll have an average day, get sacked often, and probably fumble once or twice. Whoever reads this probably thinks I hate Andrew Luck because of how often he is on the Nay list but the truth is I love him I am just really annoyed at the Indianapolis Colts. You have a franchise quarterback that could be one of the greatest of all time. If you knew how to protect him. If the Colts are not careful their offensive line will put Andrew Luck in danger. Anyways, I don’t like Andrew Luck against a good pass rush ever.

Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys: This is 100% a guess. 100% a gut call, I just think that all the one interception games he was supposed to have will sort of fall (no I’m not saying he throws 6 interceptions I’m just saying I think he throws a few)

Breakout QB of the Week (someone who will do well when nobody expects them to, even if they already had a “breakout game” : Case Keenum, Los Angeles Rams

RB’s I say Yay to Week 6:

LeSean McCoy, Buffalo Bills: McCoy has played well this season, the Niners’ run defense has been 25th in the league, I think this one is a no brainer. I think they’ll be up early and will run the ball a lot. He’s averaging 5.25 yards per carry and has really looked like the McCoy from a couple of years ago (which actually really scares me because I’m playing against him this week).

James White, New England Patriots: I liked him last week too, but as long as Dion Lewis is out and that guy Tom Brady is playing quarterback White will have value in both PPR and standard scoring leagues. White was on the field for more snaps than LeGarrette Blount and caught four of six targets for 63 yards. As Tom Brady has gotten older his average depth of target has dropped, meaning that he checks down to his running backs a lot. White will continue to have value as long as Tom Brady remains healthy.

Terrance West, Baltimore Ravens: Again, has nothing to do with stats but more with the situation in Baltimore. West has the starting job right now but there is so much talk about Kenneth Dixon taking over soon that it forces West to step up his game. It is the problem all coaches want to have, you have a bench player that is itching for playing time and he’s proving it in practice so this only forces West to step up his game during practice and on gamedays. I think that West keeps this job because he hasn’t shown signs of slowing down and because Dixon hasn’t really looked good in the few snaps he has played.

RB’s I say Nay to Week 6:

Ezekiel Elliot, Dallas Cowboys: You’re starting him. No matter what really, I just think he has a tough time against Green Bay because they have the number one run defense in the league. I think that Elliot will come back down to Earth this game. The Packers really know how to stuff the run and I think that they are going to force Dak Prescott to beat them. I also think that the Cowboys will be down by a lot early which will force the Cowboys to throw the ball a lot.

Jeremy Hill, Cincinnati Bengals: If he’s healthy I don’t like him this week, this is more of a Giovanni Bernard game. They are going to be down for most of the game and are going to have to throw the ball often. Frankly, I don’t even know if he plays, dealing with a chest and a shoulder injury. Hill has always been the early down back but when they start losing he loses snaps to Giovanni Bernard. I would expect more of that this week.

Matt Forte, New York Jets: He had that big thirty-point game but after that he has pretty much disappeared. It appears that backfield has turned to a time share with Bilal Powell. Powell is clearly the passing down back and the Jets have not shown the ability to stay competitive in games. With them being down early and often I expect Bilal Powell to be involved more than Matt Forte does.

Breakout RB of the Week: Theo Riddick, Detroit Lions

EDIT: With the Riddick injury I like DeAndre Washington because the Chiefs are 27th against the run

WR I say Yay to Week 6:

Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals: Fitzgerald has proven that age doesn’t really matter. He has continued to post big games, last week’s coming with the backup quarterback. The Jets’ secondary has been one of the worst in football this year and I think that Fitz turns Revis Island into his own hotel resort.

Kelvin Benjamin, Carolina Panthers: Cam Newton is probably back, he’s going against one of the worst defenses in football, and oh yeah this guy is a freak. There’s nobody else like him, if he could be productive with the backup quarterback against a mediocre secondary, then I think he can tear up a bad secondary with one of the best quarterbacks in the league.

Amari Cooper, Oakland Raiders: See Carr, Derek.

WR’s I say Nay to Week 6:

Jeremy Kerley, San Francisco 49ers: He has been really good this year. He was starting to build some nice chemistry with Blaine Gabbert. But there is just one slight hiccup, Blaine Gabbert isn’t his quarterback this week. Not only that, the Buffalo Bills’ defense has not been terrible as of late. I think that Torrey Smith has a better game than Jeremy Kerley but as the year progresses, if Kaepernick manages to keep the starting job in San Francisco I think that Kerley will gain some value again later this season.

Travis Benjamin, San Diego Chargers: Denver defense. Don’t really have to say much other than that.

T.Y. Hilton, Indianapolis Colts: He had a big game last week but this week he will be going up against a good Houston secondary this week and I think he will be affected by the poor protection of Andrew Luck. I think that Jonathan Joseph will matchup with Hilton the majority of this game and he has played very well this year.

Breakout WR Week 6: Torrey Smith, San Francisco 49ers

TE’s I say Yay to Week 6:

Delanie Walker, Tennessee Titans: He is going up against the Cleveland Browns who along with being one of the worst teams in football give up the most fantasy points to opposing tight ends. I think that Walker will have a monster game against a bad Browns defense. He has not had the season people have expected so far but he definitely will return to the Delanie Walker that we are all used to.

Jimmy Graham, Seattle Seahawks: He’s just here to remind people that Jimmy Graham has returned to being the normal Jimmy Graham from a couple years ago. He has had back to back 100 yard games and it appears that the Seahawks have finally figured out how to use him. Wilson has started to look for him more in the redzone and I think that Graham is a top 5 tight end from now on. Also, going against an Atlanta defense that is 30th against tight ends, just something to keep an eye out for.

TE’s I say Nay to Week 6:

Washington Redksins’ Tight Ends: Jordan Reed might not play, if he does you’re starting him but if he doesn’t don’t play Vernon Davis. The Eagles have been one of the best defenses against the tight end and only a special talent could have a serviceable game against them.

Julius Thomas, Jacksonville Jaguars: He’s coming off an injury and going against a good defense. Also, the Jaguars have played well without him so I think that they won’t change their scheme just because Thomas is back.

Breakout TE of the Week: Richard Rodgers, Green Bay Packers