Yay or Nay Week 10

Yay or Nay Week 10:

After a two week break we are back to make our fantasy football predictions. In case you forgot this is not a typical start/sit column but more of a list of players that I think will do better or worse than normally expected,

QB’s I Say Yay to Week 10:

Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys: I think this one is a no brainer, the Cowboys come into this matchup officially without Zeke Elliot and are facing an Atlanta Falcons team that hasn’t played nearly up to expectations. While they held Cam Newton to zero throwing touchdowns last week, he did rush for a touchdown. Dak Prescott has better passing ability than Cam and is similar in his ability to get out of the pocket and scramble into the end zone. I think that the Cowboys will air the ball out considering that their offensive line has been nowhere near as good as they were last year. I don’t think that they will find success in a the running game this week.]

Josh McCown, New York Jets: Don’t look now but the Josh McCown has quietly been a top 10 quarterback in fantasy. One way or another he is getting it done. Over the past four weeks he has got at least 16 points and while that certainly won’t win you your week, it won’t lose it. He goes up against a struggling Tampa Bay defense that has allowed a passing touchdown in every single game this season and allowed a 250 yard passer in all but one game. I think Josh McCown is poised for a big game throwing the ball. He also has had a rushing touchdown in 2 of the last three games. He is not afraid to tuck it under and head for the end zone.

QB’s I Say Nay to Week 10:

Phillip Rivers, San Diego Chargers: While I am not a Philip Rivers fan, this comes down solely to the fact that the Jacksonville Jaguars defense is no joke. The most points they’ve given up to a quarterback this season is 11. Think about that. That’s impressive. Considering that pass rush is so good they’ve renamed the team to the “Sacksonville” Jaguars and the Chargers offensive line isn’t overwhelmingly good, I do not want any part of the Chargers offense this week.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: While the media before the game will try to sell the revenge game narrative, I don’t think Ryan Fitzpatrick will be motivated by it because he has no reason to need revenge. He got from the Jets what he wanted. If anything the Jets have a reason to want revenge against Fitzpatrick. As to why I think Fitzpatrick will struggle, the Jets have been playing very good run defense lately and will make the Bucs one-dimensional. Aside from being predictable, Fitzpatrick will be missing his top wide receiver. Mike Evans is a constant threat and is a massive redzone target. He’s 6’5” and, well, you can’t teach that. I would not be surprised if the Jets ran away with this one.

RB’s I Say Yay to Week 10:

Jordan Howard, Chicago Bears: Mike Trubisky has turned this offense around. He has turned it around by completing no more than 15 passes in a game this season. The truth is, the Bears don’t need a spectacular quarterback, they just need one serviceable enough to threaten to throw the ball. The Bears’ offense is based on bootlegs and stretch runs. With Trubisky’s ability to run and throw, more holes will be open for Howard. Or should I say even more holes will be open considering the Packers run defense has been one of the worst in the league.

Bilal Powell, New York Jets: With Matt Forte out with injury on Sunday this backfield belongs solely to Powell. He is a good pass catcher and is a good runner between the tackles. This is the moment for Powell to claim the starting job once and for all. I believe that he will have a good day running the ball and catching the ball. He’s gotten over 20 carries just once this season and had a monster game on the ground, I think it’ll happen again.

RB’s I Say Nay to Week 10:

Dallas Cowboys Runningbacks: My stance on that backfield is that I can’t start one of them or pick one of them for DFS until one proves that they are the guy above the rest. There is only one successful running back by committee that I’ve seen this year and that’s in New Orleans. What I see happening is each guys getting 6 or 7 running attempts for about 20 yards or so each and none will prove themselves to keep the job to themselves.

Ameer Abdullah, Detroit Lions: While he may be the lead running back for Detroit, it really seems like he is trying to lose that job. He fumbled twice last week, although they recovered one of them he was taken out immediately. While they are playing the Browns, let me remind you of something, for all the bad things the Browns are, they defend the run VERY well. Considering it will be easier to throw against the Browns, I don’t see Abdullah having a big day.

WR’s I Say Yay to Week 10:

Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh Steelers: I don’t know if you guys have heard of this guy but he’s pretty up and coming. He’s going up against a pretty bad defense, should have an alright day.

Robby Anderson, New York Jets: Noticing a theme? I’m all in on the Jets this week. I hope it doesn’t come back to bite me.

WR’s I say Nay to Week 10:

Will Fuller V, Houston Texans: He might have been the receiver that was most affected by the devastating injury that came to Deshaun Watson. While he did get 8 targets in the game against Indianapolis Tom Savage looked bad. Fuller was already a boom or bust receiver dependent on the deep ball, but with Savage at quarterback I don’t see him retaining any of his previous value.

Stefon Diggs, Minnesota Vikings: Diggs has been hindered with a groin injury all season and this week he returns off a bye to face a Washington Redskins team that has been winning games by any means necessary. Josh Norman and Bashaud Breeland have been playing great defense and I just don’t think that Diggs will be effective.

TE’s I think will catch a touchdown:

Garrett Celek, San Francisco 49ers

Cameron Brate, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

TE’s I think will underperform:

Evan Engram, New York Giants

Jason Witten, Dallas Cowboys