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NFL Power Rankings - Week 12

It seems that it doesn't matter what kind of game you bring to the table, the Cowboys are awfully hard to beat. They won in a shootout at Pittsburgh two weeks ago and then took care of business last week at home against Baltimore which happened to have the #1 run D in the league. The Cowboys are very good at dictating the tempo of the game and this could be the way they reach the promised land in Super Bowl LI (which happens to be in Texas this year but in Houston, not Dallas).

The GE formula still seems to favor the Vikings and Cardinals. At least the Eagles have somewhat reverted back to the mean. The Patriots, Raiders, Broncos, Chiefs, and Seahawks round out the upper quartile of teams based on the GE ranking system. I am not a firm believer in the Chiefs. After all, they lost at home to the Bucs (a team the Raiders and Broncos took care of and was destroyed by Arizona) and I don't see Alex Smith leading his team to the Super Bowl. Great game manager but doesn't have the moxie to take his offensive game to the next level in a high pressure situation like the playoffs.

Of course the Bears, Jets, Jaguars, 49ers, and Browns are in the bottom 5 as they should be. They have a combined record of 8-43. OUCH! I guess they better start preparing for the upcoming draft! DeShaun Watson or Jabrill Peppers can be franchise players!

Here are the Week 12 NFL Power Rankings based on the GE model.

1 DAL 1.647206838
2 MIN 1.165703789
3 ARI 1.147040717
4 NE 1.101096337
5 OAK 0.977303091
6 DEN 0.9386633
7 KC 0.935414327
8 SEA 0.901918188
9 BUF 0.884477692
10 PHI 0.847775086
11 BAL 0.802803937
12 WAS 0.780336476
13 ATL 0.771116374
14 NO 0.360217125
15 PIT 0.317700636
16 TEN 0.109164665
17 SD 0.097290596
18 CIN -0.092159974
19 DET -0.109231604
20 MIA -0.186018758
21 TB -0.272507761
22 CAR -0.396694368
23 LA -0.578289813
24 NYG -0.654807816
25 GB -0.668148441
26 HOU -0.794171755
27 IND -0.804822918
28 CHI -1.115587741
29 NYJ -1.540391163
30 JAX -1.606174659
31 SF -2.37229267
32 CLE -2.593929735