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Everything you need to know for the draftkings divisional playoffs

What can make or break a draftkings team is a quarterback. Therefore I have a couple options of who to draft.

Dak Prescott $6,000
I wish Tony Romo was starting I really do! However, since Dak is a rookie starting in a divisional playoff game he has something to prove. This reminds me of Colin Kaepernick's playoff debut, also against the packers. He had 166 rushing yard 2 rushing touchdowns and threw for 263 yards and 2 passing touchdowns. A whopping ridiculous 50 draftkings points! Dak is your man this weekend.

Russell Wilson $6,900
It's no secret that Russell isn't the best fantasy quarterback but he is the best priced this weekend going against a defense that ranks 31st against quarterbacks allowing 266.7 yards a game. Although Wilson isn't the best on the road and especially against a well rested falcons team, I highly urge you to consider those factors. Regardless, I see a deadly Seattle team with momentum that likes to play their best football around this time of the year.

Ben Roethlisberger $6,500
This is a quarterback who threw for 300 yards and 5 touchdowns last time he met the Kansas City Chiefs, and this was before the Steelers defense was actually a force to be reckoned with. I see ben connecting with his scary offense this game to be a very good pick. Great production would be around 270 yards and 3 touchdowns which I could very well see. I think both teams do have good offenses so you could expect a shootout.

I also will not mention Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady because of their pricing, would love to play them but unrealistic to be able to afford other golf players if you spend up at the quarterback spot.

Wide receivers:

A great strategy is to pair up players with their quarterbacks, the receivers get points the quarterbacks get points.

Doug Baldwin at $8,100 is way too expensive, although he gets about 10 targets a game he just isn't quite worth the money he would have to score 30 DK points to fulfill his price.

Therefore you should pair up Jimmy Graham with Russel Wilson. Graham is pretty much a wide receiver. He is priced at $4,900 which is reasonable for his track record against the falcons and because the falcons ranking 27th against tight ends. Kelce is overpriced and fails to find the end zone often, Graham is a must!

Dez Bryant $6,600 has history with the Green Bay packers. The packers rank 31st against wide receivers allowing about 270 passing yards a game. Dez averages around 7 targets a game which you can look to increase in a playoff game against a pass defense like the packers. I would expect around 7 catches for 75 yards and a TD. Him and Dak's chemistry is just getting better and better, although i still think Tony Romo should be the starter. But that's another conversation for another time.

Randall Cobb $5,700, Davante Adams $7,000, Geronimo Allison $3,900
All these members of the pass happy Packers offense you can expect to have good days against the average Dallas defense. If Jordy Nelson doesn't play it's 100% necessary to play Adams and Cobb and even Allison in the FLEX.

Julian Edelman $6,800 is averaging 12 targets a game which should speak for itself

Deandre Hopkins $5,800 Bill is good at taking away the other teams best player, however I believe his focus will be the defense. No way he's worried about Osweiler, however when the Texans are down I see Brock firing to Hopkins for some garbage time points. Hopkins averages 9 or 10 targets a game recently and I don't see the Texans feeding Lamar Miller too much.

Running backs:

Thomas Rawls at $6,900 Is rightfully expensive after his game last weekend, however, I think Rawls should be slowing down with the Inclusion of CJ Prosise. I see Prosise digging into some of Rawls' carries. Have caution when picking Rawls.

I think the RB1 for this weekend and best value is Devonta Freeman at $5,900. Freeman'a stats at home are impossible to ignore. He averages 21.7 points at home and no one knows why this is but it's just hard to overlook I think with him being rested and at home he can be a very wise RB1 choice.

Blount $5,800 is almost as expensive as freeman but the difference with them is that Blount should see a lot of carries to run the clock down because the patriots should absolutely kill the Texans. If you are looking for a cheaper option then Dion Lewis can be a very wise play. He is good for 15 carries and some pass attempts.

Lastly is Christine Michael $4,300 this is due to his powerful running last weekend, I think he showed McCarthey was he is made of and should get more looks with TY Montgomery going down with a serious ankle injury last game and severely underperforming.

Tight ends:

Like I said above Jimmy Graham

Jason Witten $3,500
The guy is cheap and has a ton of playoff experience. I see Dak receiving some pressure and dumping it off to Witten. Witten can be good for about 5-6 catches and 60 yards. If he does that and gets a touchdown you're good!

Jared Cook $3,900
Dallas ranks 32nd (dead last) against tight ends. However, Aaron often has some trouble dumping the. ball off to his tight end. I think without Nelson Everyone will be getting a lot more catches and yards than usual. I see the packers spreading it out and that includes Cook.


Patriots Defense is a must I believe.

Team 1:
Dak Prescott $6,000
Blount $5,800
Devonta Freeman $5,900
Davante Adams $7,000
Dez Bryant $6,600
Randall Cobb $5,700
Jimmy Graham $4,900
Paul Richardson $4,100
Patriots Defense $4,000

Team 2:
Ben Roethlisberger $6,500
Blount $5,800
Dion Lewis $3,900
Antonio Brown $9,600
Randall Cobb $5,700
Julian Edelman $6,800
Jason Witten $3,500
Paul Richardson $4,100
Patriots Defense $4,000