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Big Five Bets - Week 9

Sorry for the poor picks the last three weeks. I am not proud of going 5-10 during Weeks 6 - 8. We are now 20-20 for the season but we can go 5-0 this week. I am confident with the lopsided matchups we are backing tomorrow.

Here are the teams we like for Week 9.

KC (-7)
Minnesota (-5.5)
Dallas (-7)
New Orleans (-3.5)
Tennessee (+5)

Here are our reasons.

  • KC is favored to beat Jacksonville by 15 points based on the GE model. Huge value here! These two teams are going in opposite directions and if the Chiefs can get after Andrew Luck, they can get after Blake Bortles. The game is in KC as well.

  • Minnesota has struggled but sometimes you need to lose to win. The Vikings have a great home field advantage and Detroit didn't look good on the road last week in Houston. The Vikings also sacked Stafford 8 times last year. This should be a low scoring / slug it out type of game and the Vikings play that kind of game well. I can see a 20 - 10 victory for the Vikings as the GE model has them favored to win by about 10 points.

  • Dallas is one of the best teams in the league. Cleveland is one of the worst. Enough said. Ezekiel Elliott will run all over the Browns. For some odd reason, the Browns can't catch the winning fever the Cavs and Indians seem to have. The GE model as the Cowboys winning by 11.5 points so giving up 7 points is not asking for much.

  • More chalk with the Saints at -3.5 but the GE model has them winning by nearly 6.5 points. The 49ers are awful and the Saints have an offense to expose the 49ers. Even though the Saints D is nothing special, Kaepernick and company are not talented enough to do much. Sadly, the 49ers will go to 1-7 and could lose by double digits.

  • Finally, we go with Tennessee. The GE model has both the Titans and Chargers pretty much even yet we are getting 5 points for Tennessee. Go with the Titans! This game should be close and the GE model has the Chargers winning by about 3 points. Game could do either way and again, 5 points for Tennessee is really good value.

Here is who else we like (Vegas point spread and GE projected line are displayed) but no explanation. I want to enjoy my Saturday! :-)

ATL (-4; -5.32)
BAL (PK, -4.96)
MIA (-3.5, -5.52)
PHI (+2.5, -6.38)
LA (+3, -0.83)
IND (+7.5, +6.58)
OAK (PK, -.30)
BUF (+6.5, +0.73)