Best NFL Bets Today & Tomorrow

Call me crazy but the five games I love most today are all favors. Yes, it is tough to expect so many favors to cover but Week 1 of last year saw favors cover 10 of 16 games. The teams I am rolling with for Week 1 are all serious Super Bowl contenders and are going up against some rather weak defenses. Here they are.

Kansas City (-6.5)
Houston (-4.5)
Green Bay (-5.5)
Seattle (-10.5)
Pittsburgh (-3)

Kansas City and Houston are at home and I would not be surprised if they each win by at least 10 points. Seattle is also at home and they could beat Miami by at least 20 points given that Miami is the weakest team based on the GE number and Seattle is the best. Travelling over 3000 miles and the time zone change could affect Miami.

Green Bay and Pittsburgh are on the road but they are experienced teams that know how to beat mediocre teams regardless of the venue.

Feel free to parlay some of the morning picks and then press later in the day on Seattle. Hopefully a little bit extra on Pittsburgh tomorrow evening will cap off a profitable weekend.