Yay or Nay Week 4

Yay or Nay Week 4:

QB’s I say Yay to Week 4:

Eli Manning, New York Giants: I believe in Eli this week because he proved that he still has something left in the tank last week. The Giants offense is completely rejuvenated when Odell Beckham Jr is in the lineup. This week he is going up against a Tampa Bay defense who just let Case Keenum throw all over them. I think that Eli Manning has more talent and a better wide receiving core than Case Keenum (hot take alert) and I think that Eli will be able to get the Giants their first win of the year.

Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints: Obviously you’re starting Drew Brees but I just wanted to emphasize how much I loved this matchup because of what happened last week. The Dolphins struggled all game against the New York Jets. If the Dolphins struggle against Josh McCown, I can only imagine what will happen against Drew Brees. The fact that this game is in London doesn’t worry me; if Blake Bortles can be successful in London, then so can Drew Brees.
QB’s I say Nay to Week 4:

Derek Carr, Oakland Raiders: You might notice a running theme in this week’s column. I hate the Raiders this week. Although I do think that they bounce back and win against the Broncos this weekend, I do not believe that Derek Carr will play well from a fantasy perspective. I do believe he will manage the game well, and be a good real life quarterback, I do not believe he will put up the stats necessary to be a good fantasy quarterback this week.

Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons: While Matt Ryan may be throwing for a lot of yards and being very productive for the Atlanta Falcons, he has not been very productive for your fantasy football team. The truth of the matter is that to win at fantasy, you need touchdowns and that is something that Matt Ryan hasn’t been forced to get with the Falcons. Their game plan consists of Matt Ryan getting them to the red zone (over 250 passing yards in his first three games) and then handing the ball to Devonta Freeman (4 touchdowns in his first 3 games). Until Matt Ryan starts throwing more touchdowns he won’t win you your week.

RB’s I say Yay to Week 4:

Joe Mixon, Cincinnati Bengals: One week with a new offensive coordinator and Bill Lazor has shown that he didn’t really appreciate the “running back by committee” concept. He looked at the roster and picked the most talented back on that roster and gave him the ball. Mixon looked explosive and was productive. Although he did not get into the end zone I do believe that this is the last week that you can buy low on Mixon. I think he has a big game this week against the Browns.

Tarik Cohen, Chicago Bears: While I don’t usually love guys who play on Thursday nights I do love Cohen this week because he is not only a viable RB 2 when Jordan Howard is healthy, Jordan Howard has been struggling with a shoulder injury that will lead to more usage for Cohen. Cohen is a great change of pace back and that leads to his big play ability, considering Green Bay struggle stopping the Bengals’ running game I think that they’ll struggle to stop Cohen and the Bears.

RB’s I say Nay to Week 4:

Marshawn Lynch, Oakland Raiders: I am frustrated if I’m a Lynch owner. Here are is carries in the past 3 weeks: 18, 12, 6. Of course last week the game didn’t really allow him to get more touches considering he gets almost no work in the passing game. People were convinced that Marshawn Lynch would get the ball without a doubt in the red zone but apparently opposing defenses also thought that because they are stacking the box like crazy when the Raiders are within the 5-yard line. Not only this but the Broncos corners are good enough to the point where they can afford to stack the box on every play to focus on stopping Marshawn Lynch this weekend.

Kareem Hunt, Kansas City Chiefs: Okay. Bear with me. This has nothing to do with stats, or matchups or anything tangible. This is a 100% gut call that says: all good things must come to an end. He has been nothing short of spectacular in his first three games but I am predicting that he is held to an average performance on Monday night. I think that the Redskins will try to stop the run specifically and make Alex Smith beat them. It’s no secret Kareem Hunt is good at football, teams will now focus on stopping the best part of the Chiefs’ offense.

WR I say Yay to Week 4:

DeAndre Hopkins, Houston Texans: Deshaun Watson has really come into form as a serviceable quarterback and although early in his career, already the best quarterback that DeAndre Hopkins has ever had. Hopkins is targeted early and often and has gotten a consistent 7 catches each game. They are up against a Titans secondary that has really struggled against top wide receivers. I think that Hopkins finds his way into the end zone and has a big game on Sunday.

Golden Tate, Detroit Lions: Inches (and a ten second runoff) from being the hero in Detroit Golden Tate has been the most consistent wide receiver for that offense. While he may not get that one play for 65 yards that people would like he is the guy that gets multiple catches and makes the clutch catches when they are needed. In that final drive Stafford went to a various number of different targets and there were costly drops from other teammates that cost the Lions. I believe that in the future Stafford will throw even more to Tate because he is the most consistent wide receiver.

WR I say Nay to Week 4:

Mike Evans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Last week he was shadowed by Xavier Rhodes and this week he will be shadowed by Mike Evans. I believe that the Buccs will focus on their running attack through Jacquizz Rodgers since the Giants have had trouble stopping the run all year. I don’t think that Jameis Winston will force the ball Evans’ way considering DeSean Jackson was productive last week. I think that the Buccaneers will be effective moving the football and won’t force it to Evans.

T.Y. Hilton, Indianapolis Colts: I don’t buy it. Congratulations Jacoby Brisett on having a monster game last week. Congratulations T.Y. Hilton. But I would like to point out one thing. It was against the Browns! While I have been one to defend the Browns, and said how much they have improved, they are still in the bottom third defenses. I don’t think that Hilton will have near as much success against the Seahawks (and not just because it’s Seattle) I think that last week’s game was a fluke with anyone other than Andrew Luck. I have trouble trusting him this week against a tough Seattle secondary.

TE’s I say Yay to Week 4:

Zach Ertz, Philadelphia Eagles: It looks like Zach Ertz has finally become the breakout candidate that everybody has been saying he would be. He’s had two 90-yard performances and he’s got one touchdown on the year. The Eagles are up against the Chargers who have struggled mightily this year. I expect Ertz to continue on this upward trend and might even be one of the few tight ends that you can rely on this year.

Charles Clay, Buffalo Bills: Speaking of tight ends you can rely on, Charles Clay has quietly been a very serviceable tight end. He’s got two touchdowns and he has a good reputation with quarterback Tyrod Taylor. In an offense that has a whole lotta nothing at the wide receiver positions Clay finds himself in a good place to get 8 targets per game. A high target share will mean wonders for his fantasy value if he can stay healthy.

TE’s I say Nay to Week 4:

Eric Ebron, Detroit Lions: Eric Ebron has always had a problem dropping the football. I don’t think the Lions minded it too much though because they were winning games. This past weekend Ebron had a few crucial drops in the final drive of the game. I believe that this will contribute to him losing targets and Matt Stafford will not look to him in important moments of the game.

Hunter Henry, Los Angeles Chargers: Hunter Henry had as many receiving yards as I did last week. Zero. Bagel. None. Nada. That is twice in three games that Henry has been held to nothing. While the Eagles haven’t been great against the tight end it does appear that Henry will continue to take a backseat to Antonio Gates for at least this week. Everybody including myself thought this would be the year that Henry takes over but it looks like we will have to wait.

Defense streamer of the week: Baltimore Ravens