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Yay or Nay Week 13

Sorry for no Yay or Nay article for Week 12. Life can be busy for all of us! Well we feel good about our selections for Week 13 so here we go.

QB’s I say Yay to Week 13:

Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints: This is a no-brainer. Brees is hands down the best fantasy QB this season and he is at home where he thrives against the Detroit Lions' porous secondary. You will have to pay up for Brees in your daily fantasy leagues but he will be worth it since he is almost a lock to hit 300 passing yards and get you that 3 point bonus on DraftKings.

Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks: Wilson's season has been a head scratcher. At times he looks like a Pro Bowler and other times he gives you a dud like the game in Tampa Bay. We like Wilson, however, this week since he is at home and going up against Carolina's weak secondary. Also, Luke Kuechly is still out and the Panthers defense is not the same without him. Carr torched the Panthers last week and expect Wilson to do the same.

Derek Carr, Oakland Raiders: Speaking of Carr torching the Panthers last week, he now get another east coast team to carve up. The Bills are a more balanced team than the Panthers but that doesn't seem to bother Carr. He has performed well in so many different situation and is arguably a strong MVP candidate. This game should be a shootout with having the third highest point total based on nost Las Vegas sportsbooks.

QB’s I say Nay to Week 13:

Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers: Big Ben is an awesome QB but we suspect that the Steelers will keep feeding the ball to Bell just to keep Big Ben and the passing game fresh for a playoff run. Plus the game flow could dictate that the Steelers can have an early lead if they can force Eli Manning into making some turnovers (which is always very possible when he is on the road). Expect a higher run to pass ratio for the Steelers.

Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers: Cam had a strong game in Oakland last week but playing in Seattle on Sunday Night Football is a whole other story. The Seahawks have defended Cam well on previous occasions and with no Ryan Kalil, Cam will find pressure in his face often. This is simply a lost season for the Panthers and they should start making plans for next season starting with a pretty high draft pick should they keep losing.

Andy Dalton, Cincinnati Bengals: Let's see here. This was a team that made the playoffs almost every year (and lose in the first round every year!) and now it's 3-7-1 and it's head coach will most likely get fired (FINALLY!). Oh, missing AJ Green and Gio Bernard certainly doesn't help! This game will be pretty low scoring so don't expect any fireworks here.

RB’s I say Yay to Week 13:

Jordan Howard, Chicago Bears: The Bears play the 49ers. Enough said! Oh, the Bears have major injuries to the passing game so the emphasis will be on the run game. Ok, now enough said!

LeGarrette Blount, New England Patriots: This one might seem weird given that the Rams have a pretty solid defense. However, we think the game flow heavily favors the run game for the Patriots. Think about it, you have a rookie QB from California who lost 49-21 in New Orleans and now travels to one of the hardest places to play in the NFL: Foxborough. The game time temperature will be in the low 40s, somethiong Jared Goff is not used to. Bill Belichick is the master at devising a defensive scheme to disrupt the other team's best weapon and the Rams simply don't have much besides for Todd Gurley meaning that Goff will constantly see stacked boxes. If the Patriots force turnovers, expect them to go out to an early lead and then just pound the rock with Blount. Plus, we are certain the Patriots will want to keep Tom Brady and Julian Edelman healthy for the postseason so there should a good deal of emphasis on the run game.

Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas Cowboys: You start this guy regardless of the matchup. With Adrian Peterson on his way out, Zeke has now been annointed the best running back in the NFL and should be on a Hall of Fame career path just like AP, LT, Marshall Faulk, Barry Sanders, and several other great running backs.

RB’s I say Nay to Week 13:

Jay Ajayi, Miami Dolphins: We really like Ajayi. He is a very athletic and talented running back. The problem is that three of his offensive lineman (who were mainly responsible for his two straight 200 yard games) are dealing with injury. Oh, they also play the Baltimore Ravens, the top run D in the league. If Ajayi couldn't rip off some big runs against the 49ers weak run D, what makes you think he will have any success against the Ravens, especially on the road.

Lamar Miller, Houston Texans: Brock Osweiler is to blame here. He sucks, pure and simple and this has resulted in stacked boxes for Miller. The Texans wasted their money on him which is a shame given all of the talent on Houston.

Jonathan Stewart, Carolina Panthers: See the blurb on Cam Newton. The Panthers will struggle in Puget Sound and will probably have to play catch up which will mean fewer touches for Stewart.

WR’s I say Yay to Week 13:

Michael Thomas, New Orleans Saints: See the blurb on Drew Brees. Thomas has become Brees favorite receiver lately and Thomas should see many targets. In fact, Thomas has lead the Saints in receiving yards in five of their last 6 games and Brees is on pace to crack the 5,000 passing yard barrier for the fifth time in his career. Definitely get Thomas in your lineups given the Saints' penchant for throwing the ball.

Doug Baldwin, Seattle Seahawks: If Russell Wilson goes off at home, guess who benefits? That's right. Nothing more needs to be said.

Jamison Crowder, Washington Redskins: Kirk Cousins is on a tear and he loves throwing to Crowder. Plus Patrick Peterson will probably shadow someone on the edges as Crowder tends to work out of the slot. When Jordan Reed is out Jamison Crowder usually is the one who ends up running the routes that Reed runs. The targets that would normally go to Reed will end up being split between Davis and Crowder.

WR’s I say Nay to Week 13:

Emmanuel Sanders/Demariyus Thomas, Denver Broncos: Sanders had a great game last week but Thomas was mediocre even though Siemian had over 300 passing yards. The game flow should dictate that the Broncos defense will wreak havoc on the hapless Jaguars meaning that Denver will want to feed the ball to Booker to protect the lead. Plus it looks like Paxton Lynch will start given Siemian's foot injury so we are certain head Gary Kubiak will ask Lynch to just manage the game by limiting the playbook for the young QB.

Davante Adams, Green Bay Packers: Adams is on fire but he has too cool down sometime. Plus the Texans have a really good corner in A.J. Bouye who we suspect will shadow Adams.

Odell Beckham Jr., New York Giants: The price tag on OBJ will always be high and we just see a letdown game in Pittsburgh with Eli Manning trying to do too much. The TDs might be there for OBJ but not the yardage given that OBJ hasn't cracked 100 yards since getting 222 yards six weeks ago.

TE’s I say Yay to Week 13:

Coby Flenner/Josh Hill: The Saints - Lions affair will be very high scoring and Brees loves throwing to his tight ends.

C.J. Fiedorowicz, Houston Texans: Osweiler stinks but even bad QBs can still get the ball to the tight end since tight ends are good safety valves. At 6'5" and 265 pounds, Fiedorowicz is one hecuva safetely valve.

Zach Ertz, Philadelphia Eagles: He is due to blow up sometime soon. Remember Ertz's last two games of the previous season? He is capable of a 10 catch, 100+ yard game.

TE’s I say Nay to Week 13:

Jordan Reed/Vernon Davis, Washington Redskins: Reed most likely won't play and the Cardinals do a very good job of defending the tight end position. Vernon Davis is solid but we suspect Cousins will go with some of the other options at his disposal.

Julius Thomas, Jacksonville Jaguars: Overrated. That's all we can say about everyone on the Jaguars this year.

Martellus Bennett, New England Patriots: He will be sought after with Gronk needing back surgery and being out several weeks. The problem is that the game flow will most likely dictate a lot of running for the Patriots so leave Bennett on the bench. Plus Brady has so many weapons to throw to.