It's not how you start ... it's how you finish!

Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals is about 2 hours away and no need for hyperbole to emphasize how important this game is tonight. The Warriors have had a couple of Game 7s in recent memory ... the triumphant comeback against Oklahoma City and the devastating end to the record breaking season of 2015 - 2016 at the hands of LeBron James and company. What will be the end result for tonight? Game 7s are a crapshoot so all bets are off. Yes, the home team tends to win these games but with the home team in this series winning 4 of 6 games, it is plausible that the Warriors fly back to Oakland tonight with their 4th consective Western Conference title and prepare to host Cleveland once again for the NBA Finals.

I will lean on experience here and the team that is healthier. If Chris Paul were not injured, I say Houston wins a close one. However, the Warriors have the momentum, depth, defense, and health. Sure, no Andre Iguodala but the Warriors nearly won Games 4 and 5 without him and crushed Houston in Game 6. Chris Paul is a top 10 player and a case can be made that he is a top 5 player. Not having him at 100% will be the differnece maker.

There is good reason why Steve Kerr rests his star players often during the regular season. The NBA Playoffs is a grind with usually an extra 20+ games en route to a championship. Kerr learned well from his playing days in Chicago and assistant coaching days in San Antonio. Those teams won several titles because they didn't try to over exert themselves in meaningless games during the regular season. Houston doesn't seem to get that as they pushed themselves too hard in games that didn't mean much. It's why James Harden has struggled and why Chris Paul is injured. The Warriors experienced similar fatigue and injuries in 2015-2016 while chaseong the regular season win record and it came back to bite them in the ass in the NBA Finals. The Warriors have learned from that prior mistake and maybe Houston will reflect on that when they are making their summer plans tomorrow morning.

Vegas has it right by favoring the Warriors by 5.5 points, even on the road in a Game 7 against a formidable opponent. Championship teams know how to win the on the road regardless of the situaiton.

Again, it's how you finish that matters, not how you start. Warriors were down by 17 at the end of the 1st period in Game 6 and won by 29. That is how championship teams finish off an opponent.

Prediction: Golden State Warriors 105 - Houston 101