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Thank you Vin Scully!

Some people probably don't know that Vin Scully, famed sports broadcaster for the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers for the last 67 years, also called one of the greatest plays in NFL history: Joe Montana to Dwight Clark in the 1981 NFC Championship game or otherwise known as "The Catch". Click here to view (you can fast forward the video to the 1:30 mark).

Today, Vin Scully will retire from the broadcast booth as he calls the regular season finale between the San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers. Even though many of us Giants fans cannot stand most things associated with the Dodgers let alone Los Angeles, it's really hard not to respect an accomplished sports broadcaster and journalist like Vin Scully. The man stated his career before the Dodgers and Giants moved to California and even called games before Willie Mays had his Major League Baseball debut.

We will probably never see another sports broadcaster/journalist with such longevity in our lifetime. More importantly, we will probably never see someone as distinguished and legendary as Vin Scully call a game with such enthusiasm and grace as he did for the past few generations. Congratulations to Vin Scully on a great career and I hope he enjoys a much needed retirement. Perhaps MLB will bring him back for the postseason should the SF Giants and LA Dodgers see each for the NLCS!