NFL DFS - Super Bowl LV

Just one more game and we say goodbye to the 2020 season. This time it will be the Showdown format on DraftKings (DK), FanDuel (FD), and SuperDraft (SD) (a new site I have been playing). Before I share my sample lineups, just a few things to consider.

  1. Be creative with who you choose as Captain, MVP, or Champion on the DK, FD, and SD platforms. Patrick Mahomes will be a very popular choice so you will need to be contrarian.
  2. Don't get cute by not rostering either starting QB. Either Tom Brady or Mahomes will have a big game or perhaps both of them will. Of course if you roster both Brady and Mahomes, you won't have much salary left for the rest of your lineup but that is not an issue with SD. You can roster anyone you want without any salary cap restrictions!
  3. Consider strong correlation plays. This where I will lean on Advanced Sports Analytics (ASA) to help me out. For Brady, he correlates very well with Chris Godwin but has had some monster games with Mike Evans. For Mahomes, it's obvious that he corrleates very well with Tyreek Hill and sometimes with Travis Kelce. Mecole Hardman can be a sneaky play.
  4. Keep in mind that the Chiefs redzone defense is awful. Who does Brady look to in the redzone? Mike Evans! Also, he has a long history with Rob Gronkowski. Leonoard Fournette is also the RB the Bucs tend to rely on when punching the ball into the endzone.
  5. Air yards is a big deal. If you want to take down a GPP, you need to have players who get big plays. Hill and Evans lead the way with air yards. I can each of them having at least one reception go for at least 40 yards.
  6. For savings on DK, I like the Bucs defense or Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker. They will get points and they represent good valye.
  7. Avoid the Chiefs RB situation. They have been a wasteland all year and the Bucs run defense is exceptional (ranked #1 by most metrics).
  8. Ronald Jones will be a low owned player who might hels you earn a lot of money today. Remember James White in the Super Bowl against Atlanta? I don't see Jones putting up the same numbers since the Bucs have a more talented group of WRs than the 2016 Patriots but Jones is cheap and can have a huge day.

The link for ASA is shown below if you want to check out some of their apps.

Here are my sample lineups for DK, FD, and SD. Enjoy the game and let's make it a SUPER profitable Sunday!