NBA DFS Lineup (10/06/2020)

It's been a while since I have done a write for NBA DFS. Usually at this time of year, any NBA DFS articles would be abou the upcoming season but of course the pandemic has changed things. Who knows when the next season will start or how it will look. At least we know we have an NBA Finals game tonight and another one on Thursday. Guaranteed it won't have to compete with the Vice Presidential debate scheduled for tomorrow (let's hope it's more civil than that shitshow last week).

So who do we roll with tonight? With the return of Bam Adebayo and Goran Dragic (Adebayo is pretty much a sure thing while Dragic is truly a game-time decision), this changes things. Jimmy Butler won't get the same usage boost and likewise with Kelly Olynky and Kendrick Nunn. In fact, I wouldn't even play Olynyk and Nunn which is too bad since they both were outstanding value for Games 2 and 3.

One has to think that the Lakers will come out firing. Well, actually Lebron James and Anthony Davis wlll be the ones firing on all cylinders. Let's be honest here, those two guys are the Lakers offense and the rest are there to play defense. I have been using the tools at the Advanced Sports Analytics (ASA) site to help me build my rosters. If you have been following my blog, you will know that ASA was hugely helpful with my big win last Friday for MLB (1st place out of 134 entries good for $10,000) and I also made money on Sunday with Game 3 of the NBA Finals and likewise with the 2 game NFL slate last night. Here is the link if you want to check out their tools and consider a subscription.

LeBron will be a popular choice for the Captain spot on DraftKings and the MVP spit in FanDuel. I would rather use AD. No way is he going to shoot just 9 times from the field. He is due for a monster game and I am fine being contrarian with him. He has had several 70+ point nights on FanDuel and I can see him going for 40 points with 12 - 15 boards and 4 - 5 blocked shots. LeBron will be in the Star spot for me on FanDuel and I roll with Adebayo at the Pro spot. Butler won't get nearly the same production as he did in Game 3. Still, Butler will be my Captain on DK.

Here are potential lineups for both DK and FD. Good luck!