Colts - Chiefs & Chargers - Patriots Prediction

By Milan Baldini (The Poor Man's Matthew Berry)

IND @ KC [1/12] 3:35 PM CST
KC -5.5

Patrick Mahomes is a likely candidate for NFL MVP and was one of the most unstoppable quarterbacks to play this season; unfortunately, Patty is not getting too much help on defense. The Chiefs rank #31 in total yards allowed on defense, they are constantly being bullied when the other team has the ball and make up for it with their offense which ranks #1 in total net yards. The Chiefs offense cannot single handedly whoop Andrew Luck’s Colts who are on a 10-1 run and rank #11 in yards given up and #7 in total net yards. If Marlon Mack of the Colts was able to rush for 148 yards on a Houston defense that was keeping opposing running backs to 82 yards per game then imagine the issues KC’s defense will have when they come into this game allowing an average of 132 yards per game to opposing backs. This is playoff time when experience matters; Mahomes will be entering his first playoff game, whereas Luck will be entering his 8th playoff game where he has a record of 4-3. The weather forecast is believed to be below 40 degrees; there is a good chance of snow showers, therefore, expect a lot of ball movement on the ground. Mahomes is completing 68% of his passes in temperature below 40 degrees, whereas Luck has not played in weather below 40 this season and only completing 64% of his passes on the road. Because Luck’s throwing could potentially be taken down a notch I say the game comes within a field goal, but definitely take the Colts with the points.

Chiefs win 23-19

LAC @ NE [1/13] 12:05 PM CST
NE -4

Tom Brady is 7-0 against Phillip Rivers, or should I say against the old Chargers. The Chargers look as together as they ever have entering Foxborough this weekend. The best way to beat Brady is pressuring him, Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram will be an absolute presence to the New England quarterback on his last leg; the guy does not take hits well or nearly as well as he used to. The 2018 Pats are not the usual 14-2 or 13-3 Patriots team we are used to. This season saw a 11-5 Patriots with Brady needing more fuel, Gronk in decline, and just released star wide receiver Josh Gordon. The weather will be below 32 in Foxborough Saturday so the key for the Chargers will be dominating the ground game with Melvin Gordon who is good to go for this game injury wise. The Patriots are 1-4 when giving up 150 or more rushing yards; the Patriots defense ranks #21 in yards given up to rushing at 112 yards per game. The ground game is key to the Chargers winning this game, should be a close one however. Take the Chargers with the points and moneyline them.

Chargers win 18-14